How to check balance in globe?

You can check your Globe balance using three different methods: via dial code, through SMS, and with the GlobeOne App. Follow the step-by-step guide below for solutions to every type of balance inquiry, such as data balance, load wallet, Globe at Home prepaid WiFi balance, and more.

You can also find information about the expiration dates of the remaining balances. Globe also offers options to check your remaining broadband balance, call and SMS balance, all remaining balances of promos, and postpaid balance inquiries through the following three methods.

How to check balance inquiry using the *143# code

After completing your Globe and TM SIM registration, you can check SIM balance, data balance, and prepaid WIFI balance using the *143# dialing code. Just follow these steps:

Globe SIM Card Balance

  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • Type the *143# code and click on the dialer button.
  • You will be able to see your remaining Globe Balance at the top.
balance inquiry using *143# code

Check Data Balance

  • Select “My Account” and enter “0”, then hit “Send”.
  • Select “Data Balance” and enter “1”, then click “Send”.
  • Wait until you receive a message indicating your remaining data balance on your SIM Card from Globe Telecom.
check data balance without app

Prepaid WIFI Balance

  • After dialing *143# and selecting the ‘My Account’ option.
  • Enter ‘7’ for the ‘My Devices’ option and hit the ‘Send’ button.
  • If you choose ‘1’ to check Mobile WiFi balance.
check prepaid wifi balance-1
  • Enter ‘1’ if you are a prepaid user, or ‘2’ if you are a postpaid user, and click ‘Send’.
  • Enter your Mobile WiFi/MyFi prepaid number and hit ‘Send’.
check prepaid wifi balance-2
  • Choose ‘Balance Inquiry’ as an option by entering ‘1’ and clicking ‘Send’.
  • You can now see your remaining prepaid balance without using the app.
check prepaid wifi balance-3

via Text to 8080

  1. Open the ‘Messages’ app on your mobile device.
  2. Click to start writing a new text message.
  3. Write ‘Data Bal’ in the text field and send it to 8080.
  4. Wait until you receive a text with your remaining data balance.
check data bal using 8080 text

Balance Inquiry using GlobeOne App

  • Download and install the GlobeOne App from the Play Store.
  • Log in to the app using your registered SIM number.
  • After signing in, open the GlobeOne application.
  • On the dashboard, you can see your Globe balance and data.
Balance Inquiry via GlobeOne App

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